As the first CBD infused beverage lifestyle brand, CENTR wants to give consumers a reason to take a moment to relax and unwind. At just 40 calories, this all natural, refreshing, sparkling beverage will help you find your calm in the everyday chaos.

me&ideas was stoked when CENTR brought us on board as their creative partner to build this brand from scratch. We named the brand, created the distinct logomark by hand, developed brand and style guidelines, and defined the brand ethos: “finding calm in the everyday chaos”. All of this was then rolled into the pack design for their two product SKUs – 15mg for focus, and 30mg for relaxation. 

Now we’re gearing up to introduce this great brand to consumers – developing influencer media kits, partnering with LA based experiential agency NRG on a sampling tour, developing their social media strategy, and designing the creative for the assets to support all of these brand launch initiatives.