We are our people.

We are an unpretentious, hard working group of happy humans. And we’ve made this ideas company grow in leaps and bounds while having fun and making great friends of the people we work with and of the people we work for. me&lewis is a collection of talented individuals who dedicate their lives to not only discovering great ideas, but to finding ways of nurturing them and growing them into bigger things.

Paul Meehan

Principal & Creative Strategist

In his former life, Paul Meehan enjoyed a long and interesting career on the “client” side of the business. From Brand Manager on Guinness in the east, to Director of Marketing on Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Sleeman Brewery in the west. But it was his entrepreneurial spirit and his uncontainable creativity that would make opening me&lewis with Jeff in 2007 a foregone conclusion

Arjan Chima

Managing Director, Canada

Sure, Arjan has an MBA, huge experience, and a boatload of charm…but what really makes him such a prized member at me&lewis is his incredibly organized approach and sense of professionalism. When he’s not maximizing the agency’s value with client engagements, he is responsible for establishing and executing the  strategic goals and objectives of the agency. 

Barry Ringstead

Business/Brand Development, Europe

Barry has actually been with me&lewis since the beginning, as he became our very first client more than 10 years ago. Barry has now officially joined our team, and brings with him national and international retail experience from his work in Canada, the US & a global role based in Switzerland. Now living in the UK Barry will be based out of our London office.

Catherine Hamilton

Account Director, North America

Catherine gets corporate marketing. She speaks multi-unit international retail and has lived the push-pull of building a brand with long-term vision and securing immediate results. Integrated marketing is in her bones and she applies 20 years of know-how to new ideas so her clients meet their goals.

Shirley Ng

Account Manager

Shirley has an impeccable eye for detail and organization that ensures our clients are well taken care of. Born and raised in the Lower Mainland (quite an anomaly these days), she also knows the best place to get donuts and treats us often. Damn you, Shirley...

Jim Glen

Art Director & Designer

Jim brings an incredibly calm and thoughtful vibe to the me&lewis team. It might have something to do with the fact that he spent 10 years working in the psychiatric side of healthcare before attending Emily Carr’s School of Design and Communication. His love of photography, quirky illustration styles and story telling gives interesting colour to his creative.

Hayley Ng


Transitioning from a wide-eyed intern to wisecracking designer, Hayley brings an upbeat and positive vibe to the workplace. As the offspring of a painter turned brand consultant and a draftsman, you can say she was born to do this. Her advantage as a typical Millennial with rapidfire computer skills makes for quick turnaround times without sacrificing quality. Go Hayley go!

Jason Ververgaert


The pursuit of higher education has taken Jason on adventures that span the globe. We like to think it’s Jason’s taste for adventure that colours his approach to design. He’s our very own “Graphiste Sans Frontier”. From the African savanna, to the overgrown streets of Chernobyl, to a floating village in Peru, his skill, adaptability, and inspiration know no borders.

Jessica Chau


Jessica comes to us with a background in both visual arts and commerce, and 5 years experience in design and art direction for a major Vancouver sports team. She’s a self described “food hacker” who designed and coded her first website at age 10, went to school in Japan, and produces electronic music in her spare time. I know, “wow”, right?