We are our people.

We are an unpretentious, hard working group of happy humans. And we’ve made this ideas company grow in leaps and bounds while having fun and making great friends of the people we work with and of the people we work for. me&ideas is a collection of talented individuals who dedicate their lives to not only discovering great ideas, but to finding ways of nurturing them and growing them into bigger things.

Paul Meehan

Principal & Creative Director

Paul’s entrepreneurial spirit and uncontainable creativity led to the opening of me&ideas in 2007. In 2013, Paul and Melissa Meehan took control of Goodridge&Williams Independent Craft Distillery, now Canada’s fastest growing distillery. As the creative and strategic force behind both the agency and the distillery, Paul has driven the success of some of the hottest brands on the market.

Melissa Meehan

Principal & Brand Conscience

Melissa has a well-established reputation for being able to take care of things for the short and long term. Let’s just say she’s tenacious and really doesn’t like to lose.  Melissa helps to steer the brands of G&W and m&i with a heavy bias towards conscience-oriented decision making. She’s often heard asking, “what’s the right thing to do here”? 

Arjan Chima

Managing Director, Canada

Sure, Arjan has an MBA, huge experience, and a boatload of charm…but what really makes him such a prized member at me&ideas is his incredibly organized approach and sense of professionalism. When he’s not maximizing the agency’s value with client engagements, he is responsible for establishing and executing the strategic goals and objectives of the agency. 

Jim Glen

Art Director & Designer

Jim brings an incredibly calm and thoughtful vibe to the me&ideas team. It might have something to do with the fact that he spent 10 years working in the psychiatric side of healthcare before attending Emily Carr’s School of Design and Communication. His love of photography, quirky illustration styles and story telling gives interesting colour to his creative.

Hayley Ng


As the offspring of a painter turned brand consultant and a draftsman, you can say Hayley was born to do this. A natural software jockey since the age of 12, her inside out knowledge of design programs makes for quick turnaround times without sacrificing quality. When she’s not in front of a screen, Hayley enjoys petting dogs, heckling Shirley, and attempting different forms of "analog” art such as drawing and painting.

Kim Pringle


Kim first came to us as a freelancer and we loved her so much we asked her to join our team. Kim brings her diverse design experience and a positive attitude to all the work she does at me&ideas. When she isn’t creating fresh new designs, you can find her pouring her creativity into her garden, her art or her cooking.